June 4, 2010

Iman and Makeup

About Iman the Woman

A stunning fashion model, Iman, started out thinking she was unattractive as a young girl. In her native country of Somalia, she was consistently teased about her long neck. It wasn’t until she came to the United State to model, that she discovered her unique neck was actually what made her beautiful. In her opinion, exotic sells and every woman should enhance her own distinctive individuality.

From her book, “The Beauty of Color,” Iman shares her favorite makeup products:

Blotting papers – for those shiny touchups.

Opaque Bronze Lip Gloss

Travel Fragrance

Mirrored Compact

Blush Stick – multipurpose necessity acts as an eye, lip or cheek color.

In 1975, when Iman arrived in the United States from Africa to model, she was discouraged by the makeup application on her exotic skin. Determined to find a better way, she learned from the artists on the photo shoots and began to apply her own makeup. By mixing and creating her own products, she was able to individualize her makeup routine to match her unique colors and skin tones.

Through this discovery, she started to see the need for cosmetics geared toward more global women. In 1994, she launched Iman Cosmetics, skin care and makeup for skin of color. Her goal was to celebrate the diversity of skin color and ethnicity. The international cosmetic line has been successful with both professional and everyday women: empowering women of all colors to look and feel great. More Here.