May 30, 2010

Beyonce's Make Up Style

Beyonce's makeup is almost always the perfect combination of all-done-up and laidback chic. Sometimes she'll go a little overboard for a regular day with brightly colored shadow and lips, while other days she doesn't bother to put on any (or much) at all. In most cases, though, when you see photos of Beyonce, she's put together and looks amazingly luminous. The makeup colors she uses seem to meld with her skin, so you can't tell where her natural beauty ends and the "help" begins.

So what are the secrets to glowing, gorgeous skin? How about neutral, but not bare, eye makeup that brightens up the whites and adds an extra sparkle to your gaze? And finding that perfect lipstick that makes your lips look like themselves, only one hundred times better?

For the face: To fake that glow that seems to come from within, use a moisturizer or foundation with light reflecting particles. You can mix the moisturizer with your regular foundation and smooth it over your skin. Good ones to try are MAC Strobe Cream and Revlon Skinlights. In a pinch, you could even take a light, shattered eye shadow and use it the same way.

Innocently flirty eyes: Beyonce's makeup usually consists of neutrals. While browns tend to look good on everyone, her caramel skin tone looks especially lovely with hints of copper, gold, and chocolate brown. Choose a light (highlight), medium (lid), and dark (crease) shade for your own skin (the medium tone should be your starting point, and be just a shade darker than your skin).

Your lips, but better: You usually won't see Beyonce sporting bright red lips. Rather, she sticks to neutral tones here, too. If your coloring is similar to hers, opt for a gloss in caramel or pinkish-brown tones that reflect the light. Fair-skinned girls can achieve the same effect by choosing a muted mauve or peachy-pink shade.